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Snack Bag Program


Members of Congregation Eitz Chaim have provided afterschool snacks for needy elementary school children at Sapphire Elementary School and Pine Tree Elementary School for many years. Every week throughout the school year our generous congregation has shopped, packed and delivered healthy snacks, seven snacks a week for up to 70 children. The children and their families and teachers so appreciate these extra needed calories. Please support our efforts by signing up to provide snacks at  or make a check payable to  MWJCC- Spector Social Action Fund and mail  c/o Congregation Eitz Chaim, PO Box 183, Monroe, NY 10949 to donate money for sponsorship.

Jerome Spector Social Action Fund

JEROME SPECTOR imbued our world with his light. With a quiet brightness, he flooded our congregation and the greater community with tikkun olam. He embodied the concept of unwavering social action towards achieving social justice. He lived a life of healing and strove to help those who needed help most. After his untimely death from COVID-19, we designated a fund in his honor which will be utilized to educate, engage, and motivate others to continue his mission through action and support of organizations that reflect his spirit. The fund will be called The Jerome Spector Social Action Fund. 

THE VISION of the Eitz Chaim Social Action Committee that maintains the fund is to engage in social action and justice to our community regardless of race, religion or ethnic background through:

  1. Giving at a hyperlocal level to those in need; helping with food, clothing, and other essentials.  
  2. Providing opportunities for those in our community to participate in social action activities.  
  3. Communicating concepts of, and providing outlets for, social justice by engaging guest speakers and public discourse within the community.     


We believe that we as Jews and as members of the Eitz Chaim community have a responsibility to work for tikkun olam, the healing and repairing of the world. If you would like more information, or would like to join the Social Action Committee, please contact Paula Spector or Michael Grunes at     

RECENT ACTIVITIES that the committee has committed to:

  1. Providing afterschool snacks for needy elementary school children at Sapphire Elementary School and Pine Tree Elementary School. 
  2. Ongoing support for the CROP Walk to End Hunger. (See photos of the CROP walk through the years, below.)
  3. Financial Assistance to Orange County migrant families and other families in need. 
  4. Winter Coat (and other clothing) Drive.


To participate in these and future opportunities, please keep an eye on Eitz Chaim emails for announcements from the committee. 

For donations to THE JEROME SPECTOR SOCIAL ACTION FUND, please make checks payable to the fund, and mail:

c/o Congregation Eitz Chaim
PO Box 183
Monroe, NY 10949

Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782